Introduction to IxD

Gillian Crampton Smith & Phil Tabor gave us intensive 5 day lessons in Interaction Design theory to help us build up a strong base. Having dabbled in the field of User Experinece Design for the last 4 years it was interesting for me to see the fine line between these two fiels and the interesting overlaps in between. We tried to re imagine the current metaphors in interaction design within a completely different physical space with its objects. Gillian & Phil also flagged a range of interaction design topics full of possibilities which can help shape the future of the world.

(click images to enlarge)

We learnt about the IxD palette using quick brainstorming, mental model mapping & flowchart exercises to understand the nuances of the IxD system process. We changed groups for every small activity and so got a chance to mingle around and bond with almost everybody. I consider myself very lucky to be in an environment full of so many creative minds and by the end of the course made up one motto: I shall make it a point to work with everyone in my batch for the coming courses so that at the end of the year I would have worked with 20 extremely talented people with such varying backgrounds and skill sets.

On the third day of the course we had Bill Verplank to come and teach us.

For the final presentation the idea was to construct a space similar to Bill Verplank’s house of UX (where all objects in space are metaphors with varied usage). My team (Wouter, Shamik & Luke) created an office scape for the distant future.


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