CIID Kickoff

Today, Sunday 14th Jan’13 marks the start of what I hope unfolds into one of the most enriching period of my life.

The day started early with all of us reaching Østerport station trying to place photos we had been seeing on to real faces. 20 students from 13 countries with varying backgrounds together in one place off to visit the Aarstiderne farm just north of Copenhagen where a traditional Danish brunch in the countryside awaited us. Sunday brunch is probably one of the most important meals of the week – the Danes meet up with family and friends to enjoy a selection of gastronomic delights such as cheese, fruit, eggs, bacon, muesli, good coffee and home-baked bread. This farm is a special place as they deliver organic produce to over 45,000 homes in Denmark and Sweden and they run special programmes for both children and adults, educating people on how food goes from the farm to the fork. It’s service design at it’s best.

Here I got to see first-hand the true meaning of the Danish word ‘hygge’ which means being in a super cozy atmosphere enjoying the good things in life. There were a variety of conversational ice-breakers and team-building exercises throughout the course of the brunch conducted by Mike Hughes where apart from many other things we spoke about ‘food’ from our country. Much to my surprise the traditional Danish brunch we were served comprised of a dish called ‘Dhal’ that looked very similar to Indian ‘Dal’.

Once we mingled around each other and had our stomachs full, we headed back to the CIID studio together for a brief course induction. Here we were supposed to present a brief introduction about ourselves. As I reflected upon in retrospect what is that one thing that stands out throughout my life I realized it was the term ‘Contrast’. The following graphics were what I created to talk about a bit about me. Whether it was:

contrast in me

1. my love for swimming and extreme phobia of invisible deep waters

2. the fact that even though I come from India where drinking is considered a social taboo in some parts I was lucky enough to be born in a family that loves to drink and be merry and my dad worked in the liquor industry for 20 years, YET I gave up drinking a couple of years back!

3. How I love experimenting with different cuisines and mixing strange flavors but still don’t know how to cook

4. Am madly in love at this moment but half way around the world from the person I love the most

5. And lastly how I’m standing at a school that is the world’s top notch in technology but how I still hope to merge craft & grassroots level design during my future projects here.

Hence one of my philosophies in life is to achieve balance between these, not set them apart from each other, or let go of one and keep the other, for wholeness is formed by both halves.


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