Prototyping Interaction with Video Scenarios

We started with a quick warm up session shooting a few clips around the studio. However when we came back to edit Vinay give us a twist. We had to swap our clips with some other team with no idea of their storyline. What came out was a super interesting take on jumbled storyboards with extremely different interpretation & thought process. Pier & I swapped with Zaza & Shamik & this is what we produced!

Once we familiarized with this we took a moment to sit back and understand the finer details of this medium. As one of the most powerful communication toll used by Interaction designers today video prototypes are used for the same reasons any prototypes are – testing, evaluating, iterating, communicating, etc. But video is an especially useful tool when we have to quickly represent design concepts that often involve complex relationships or require a high level of technology.

We went through the spectrum from low to high fidelity video understanding the importance of how to weave design stories in it that evolve over the design process. We had less than a day (and full night.. our first at CIID!) to sketch a dirty video scenario (in terms of aesthetics) but with a strong narrative. For the sake of concentrating on only the video aspects of this course we were provided a concept from the teachers however we could interpret it any way we want.

There are 3 purposes for which videos can be used:

Video as a sketch (Validation of assumptions, process tool, rough & simple) : Check

Video as a scenario (Explaining, storytelling, empathizing, contextualizing)  : Check

Video as an exhibit (Self explanatory, impressive, packaged, convincing) : H0pe to do this in the coming few months!

It was interesting to see how most of the video scenarios by my classmates used a screen based app for this concept. However my teammate Pier & I find physical objects more interesting and hence for our sketch we actually built two physical devices (one stationary & the other bodycentric) that could prototype this experience (in just 1.5 days that included building prototypes, storyboarding, shooting, editing & presenting)…. Phew!

Sound is another very important aspect of video that often gets lets weightage in terms of refinement. There is a growing tendency towards slapping random music onto videos without paying much detail to the actual storyline. With a 2 hour lecture on sound design by Lasse Munk we tried voice over for our videos to practice voice modulation, recording, sound editing further.

Interesting references:

Soy Cuba opening title :


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