The past 4 days have been extremely challenging yet fun. I must admit it has been quite difficult to understand a few computational concepts though what I’m most happy about is the vision I have acquired over the week. Past the obstacles of program errors and wrong commands and sometimes just blankly staring at my screen wishing I could just talk to it and make it do what I want ; I have learnt that there is immense need to learn this language. From whatever I have been exposed to this week coding seems to be a powerful prototyping answer to all.

I took this week as a pure learning exercise and tried to experiment with as many things as I could. Amongst other things I dabbled with I spend a day and a half doing the below for the show & tell presentation on Friday. It was an iterative process that started by building a bunch of dots in a push pop matrix which I later tweaked lines of code from from 2D to 3D space to transform from points to lines to surfaces.


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